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How you can offer something “different” – Market marketing lessons

An earlier post. This weekend I was reminded of it by seeing these colourful cans of drink!

doubleshot media

Are you offering the same as everyone else – or do you offer something different?

Do you boldly display the difference in a way people can notice it from afar?

The difference can be in “little” things.

SA fanta1

Taking the effort to offer something different can improve your business, sales and marketing.

In this “Market marketing series”  I’m sharing lessons I learned from real-life marketsbusiness at its most basic.

TB Social Media KLT

TB BSM1Robert-Cialdini Influence

I usually work as a corporate trainer and social media writing consultant. Inspired by the work of Persuasion and Influence expert, Robert Cialdini, I took a job as a market entertainer so I could study market business lessons “up close”.

One market stall I was particularly impressed with had a point of difference – and marketed this point of difference in a very colourful way!

SA flags

SA fanta1

The food stall was run by “Aussies”. They were used to selling “market standards”…

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