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How to find mental focus and energy for your next big project

So many business people need to find mental focus for big projects – but they are often too busy, too interrupted, and too stressed to perform at their best.

Here’s one way to leave your other troubles behind (literally) and achieve what you need to achieve – and there’s scientific proof why this works.



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Friends of mine are very successful and busy business people based in Brisbane and they can handle the weekday stress by escaping on the weekend – getting on a ferry across to Stradbroke Island.

I’ve had that same sweet feeling of relief and recharge purely by jumping on that Stradbroke ferry and sliding out into the bay and leaving my city worries behind. You breathe a sigh of relief.

Julia Tyack – a founder of Tyack Health – knows the benefits of escaping across the water and leaving distractions and worries on the mainland behind. Julia and her family have an island retreat Sirenia on Macleay Island in Redland Bay about 30 kilometres from Brisbane – in the cluster of smaller islands between the Redland Bay coastline and North Stradbroke Island.  The Tyack family rents out Sirenia to people trying to leave other concerns and distractions behind and ‘get things done’ – whether it’s writing a book or creating a business plan.

FullSizeRender 4

“It’s as though everything on the mainland is left behind – physically and mentally,” Julia explains.


“Escaping just across the water from the mainland to Macleay gives you a whole new world with all the freshness of a change of scene.”

Julia educates me with life-changing books about health and well-being – backed up by medical research and science that explain why certain things work.

According to marine biologist Dr Wallace J. Nichols, the human brain is hardwired to react positively to water. Being near water or on water or in water can help us be calmer, more relaxed and more creative.

Blue Mind

Dr Nichols writes in his book Blue Mind how in our everyday lives, especially in ‘the office’ we are bombarded with sensory stimuli – from office equipment and our devices and from other people. Beeping traffic…alarms…the constant ‘pings’ of message alerts…the list goes on and on. Just take a moment to listen to the different noises.  Plus, there’s so much visual ‘noise’ attacking our eyes as well as all the noise assaulting our ears. Your brain needs a break –  but rarely gets it.

Being around water gives our brains a rest from sensory overload and excessive stimulation.

Julia says getting out of the city for an escape to be near water at a coastal beach can be beneficial. It’s even better when you escape across water to an island.

Macleay island seems far away from mainland maladies and distractions and problems – yet it is so close – just 20 minutes by fast passenger ferry from Redland Bay. So you can get away from the problems of work and focus on your project – and get back quickly and easily if you need to. (If you don’t already know where Macleay Island is – you can see it on the map below – to the east of Redland Bay, between the mainland and North Stradbroke Island and north of Russell Island.)

Macleay island

Julia says the retreat is a great escape for business execs needing focus time and for people like authors wanting to finish that book. She also recommends Sirenia for people wanting to recharge their flat batteries.

I’m helping Julia ‘promote’ Sirenia and I’ve offered to ‘test out’ Sirenia for myself and try to capture in words these benefits she describes. I’m looking forward to experiencing how escaping across the water can boost my creativity through relaxation and inspiration. Apparently,  the sunsets are impressive too.



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