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How a reasoned response could have avoided the #United Airlines billion dollar losses

Today I heard how the passenger got a confidential pay-out (I’m guessing is very large) and the whole embarrassing and damaging ‘incident’ could have been avoided.

doubleshot media

This will help you make the right decisions and avoid costly consequences.

This morning I read how United Airlines has lost more than  $US1 billion ($1.3 billion) in one day after a bloodied and upset doctor was dragged off a flight he paid for.

I also was reading scientific advice from The Mayo Clinic about how the reasoned brain takes longer to ‘boot into action’ than our more primitive brain.  We act out of impulse (the ‘Amygdala hijack’ – yes that’s what it’s actually called) – and usually we regret the impulsive decision and action. The Mayo Clinic recommends when confronted with a threatening/confrontational situation – PAUSE – to let the reasoned brain kick in.


When something like the United incident happens – I often ask myself how would I handle the situation.

Now, my preference is to avoid physical force – unless people are in danger.  Yes, I’m ‘a conflict…

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