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How to make an effective apology – and get on with things. Great lesson from #Rugby coverage

An earlier post – a great example of a swift and smooth apology!

doubleshot media

Here’s a good way to make an effective apology and smoothy move on to the next thing.

SM BC apology

I saw a great example of the technique used during the coverage of Bledisloe Cup II at Eden Park – and it helped diffuse my anger at poor performance during the coverage. I’m talking about the poor audio quality at a crucial time when I really wanted to hear!

I enjoy watching the Rugby and hearing what the expert commentators have to say.

At half time Stirling Mortlock was talking with Kurtley Beale – but the audio was terrible and crackly and intermittent.


Then there were great slow motion shots of highlights and experts talking – but there was no sound. And I really wanted to hear what they were saying. I got very cranky.

Then they came back and host Scott Mackinnon gave a strategically swift apology – that, in my opinion…

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