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The power of “emotive” logos and nostalgia and the DeLorean

An earlier post – still valuable examples of the emotional ‘feel good’ power of logos!

doubleshot media

What does this logo remind you of? Your first reaction!

logo ARSF

I’m in a lobby to do some “work” with a CEO and I see this logo that reminds me of toy racing car tracks – the car “driving” I did before I could drive a real car!

scalextric retro

Anyway, I go inside to work with a CEO.

I enjoy “working” with this CEO because we share similar interests.

I mean this as a compliment – he still has a “boyish enthusiasm” for cars and he’s not afraid to show it.

I  walk into his office and can’t help but say “wow” when I see this.

Yes, the Back to the Future DeLorean!


In fact, he has two model DeLoreans in his office.

delorean 2

I recently bought my son the same sort of model for his 10th birthday.

O delorean

For some reason, the DeLorean (especially the Time Machine one from Back To the Future

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