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When #presenting be prepared for unexpected problems – lesson from #Rugby

An earlier post – still relevant! This time of year when the cooler weather starts, my mind turns to rugby.

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When you present you want to be prepared to handle any problems that pop up unexpectedly – for example: equipment problems, interruptions, and delays.

The best way to be prepared is to have a plan where people know what to do – and to practise implementing that plan.

When I help people prepare for big business presentations – I get presenters to have a plan if something does go wrong. They may not have to use the plan – but it’s good to be prepared.

We can all learn a lot from the Wallabies recent Bledisloe Cup victory.

Yes, I’m a bit of a “rugby nerd” – but many of my Australian and Kiwi and South African and Brit clients seem to enjoy rugby comparisons when I help them improve their presentations.

Appreciators of rugby seem to understand the importance of drills and “moves” and preparation.

The recent Bledisloe Cup

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