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Don’t you love it when sports journalism improves your vocabulary? Marmalise!

Another earlier post. This time of year my mind turns toward Rugby – and the clever commentary and writing and description!

doubleshot media

If you want to improve your communication skills and your writing, I encourage you to pay attention to eloquent sports coverage.


As a news journalist I once looked down on the sports department.

I thought sports journalism was a contradiction in terms.

Not any more! Well, not as far as rugby union writing and commentary is concerned anyway.

I have a fairly large vocabulary – yet I often learn useful new words when reading commentary about Rugby and especially the Rugby World Cup.

For example, today I learned a new word: marmalising.
…absolutely marmalising James Slipper in the scrum, repeatedly forcing him to lose his feet or his binding.

According to the Collins English Dictionary:

To marmalise is to beat soundly or defeat utterly; thrash

To me it sounds like pulverise.

The word can be spelled marmalise and even marmelize

As well as enjoying watching the rugby games…

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