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How you can be more creative by “doing nothing”

This earlier post popped up on my computer this morning. Just what I needed today!

I Wanna Be Creative!

It never fails for me – I get great ideas by “doing nothing”.

My “method” started off by accident – but now I “doing nothing” deliberately.

I seem to get a lot of good ideas when I am flying. I connect to creative ideas by disconnecting from all my technology.

In the past I would usually try to use flying time (especially on business trips) to catch up on reading work documents – or I’d watch the in-flight news or read the business sections of the paper. I always had to be doing something. Do you feel compelled to always be doing something? – especially reading something.

Now I “do nothing” purposefully. As tempting as it is to want to use the time “productively” – I just sit in my seat and stare and out the window – the blue sky and fluffy white clouds during the day or…

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