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An effective and fun way to get attention for your blog posts and tweets

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doubleshot media

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Do you wish more people would stop and read your blogs or tweets?

These days – there is so much content out there – too much! What’s scarce is people’s time and attention.

You are probably like me and have far too many e-mails to read.

You have too many blog posts you want to read. Good, helpful posts – you just don’t have the time!

You have to decide in an instant whether to invest your time to read a message.

Take note what attracts YOUR attention!

When a message attracts my attention – I try to take a moment to understand WHY?

What triggered my decision to bother to read a message?

TB NASA story

When I help businesses improve their writing for Social Media – I encourage people to do the same and take a moment to work out what catches theirattention.

Write down the key words or

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