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How to shake that February frustration and ‘February funk’

If you are feeling a bit down or frustrated in February – you are not alone. It’s normal to suffer some ‘February Funk’ this time of year according to Brisbane psychologist, Kerry Deller (The Conscious Psychologist).


In this case, funk means: a feeling of being depressed or overwhelmed by anxiety or fear – not other meanings of funk like ‘a bad odour’ or a ‘dance style with a heavy bass line’.

Kerry commented that  in some ways that ‘February funk feeling’ IS like a bad, unpleasant odour or the ‘dance’ you keep doing – the same pattern you keep repeating.

(Just to be clear, I’m not getting treated by Kerry – but I AM learning lots. I learn from her about language and business and especially the natural ‘seasons and cycles’ we go through every year. It’s a real education and I’ll probably post about more things I learn throughout the year.)

OK – back to February – the theme of this post!

Often February is the time when we need to face up to that credit card bill from our over spending at Christmas or the vacation.

“We put off paying until later. Now, in February, it IS later!” says Kerry.

Also, February is a time when the ‘freshness’ of starting a new year starts to run out.

The start of the new year is usually greeted with new, fresh plans and resolutions and a hope that ‘this year will be different’.

By mid-late February, especially after the early year ‘distractions’ of Australia Day and Valentines Day, life is back to ‘normal’.

That ‘s when the ‘February funk’ sets in. Kerry, who developed The Inner Connection, is used to helping people shake that “February Funk’!



Tony (T): Well, what can we do about the February funk?

Kerry (K) : It’s a matter of ‘getting real’ and facing the pain that February brings.

Acknowledging that you may feel bad in February. Means you will feel your pain. Accept your pain. And not try to camouflage it.

T: how can you ‘feel your pain’?

 K: Too often we fear pain and do anything we can to avoid it.

Sit with your pain and ‘listen to it’.

If your pain had a voice what would it tell you?

T: That sounds too ‘painful’!

 K: We’re so used to running away from our pain. We see it as a sign of weakness and do anything we can to avoid it.

You have to face it. Slow down… sit down… and listen to what it wants to tell you.

(In part 2 Kerry will share more about how to shake that ‘February funk’ : questions to ask yourself and how to use breathing to ‘breathe into your pain’.)


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