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How to create great words like Sharktopus, Slide:ology and the Vacula 2000

An earlier post!

I Wanna Be Creative!

In my last post I shared how while driving to school, my 8-year-old son Orlando and I played some creativity games “riffing” on the word Vampire. We went through the alphabet and came up with a new creation – a blood-sucking pig called a Ham-pire.

We both love how  “cool dad” Phil Dunphy from Modern Family makes up fun words and expressions.

Orlando loved the alphabet word creating game so much from the drive to school – he wants to play it again on the drive home. We both know it’ll be so hard to top Ham-pire 🙂

Orlando is still in a “vampire” mood so we decide to have fun with the word DRACULA. So we go through the alphabet. The aim is to come up with new words and what they can describe.

He  gets to the letter B and comes up with Blacula and…

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