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To be sucessful in this position, you will hold relavent tertiary qualifications

If you work in recruitment and you are trying to attract good talent, I suggest you don’t let mistakes like this slip through:

“To be sucessful in this position, you will hold relavent tertiary qualifications.”

What sort of impression do you think that error-riddled writing makes?

I understand that recruitment has been hit hard and disrupted by LinkedIn and other ways people advertise for and apply for jobs.  The recruitment industry has suffered severe cost-slashing –  and those who still have jobs are seriously overworked.


Still, in my professional opinion, organisations need to have some quality control (simple and efficient)  to avoid credibility-eroding clusters of mistakes – as in the sentence above.

I recently worked in a busy TV newsroom and, as a result, I understand that mistakes WILL slip through in fast-paced news. The same problem affects most businesses these days as businesses pump out more and more written messages. Before the newsroom stint, I helped recruitment agencies be aware of how and why credibility-eroding mistakes slip through.

Here are 3 (of many)  practical and easy tips – how YOU can reduce mistakes slipping through:

  1. Always check your first and final sentences. From my experience, readers often skim through the middle of a written message and they will excuse the occasional mistake. Mistakes in the first and final sentences are obvious and create a bad impression about the professionalism of your organisation. The above mistake was the last sentence – and the last impression.
  2. Get another set of eyes to check for mistakes. I know from experience that you will often not see your own mistakes. I’m skilled at picking up other writer’s mistakes -but I miss my own mistakes.
  3. Beware of danger times when you are likely to make mistakes. Those times include the end of the day when you are tired AND when you get interrupted and move on to another task.

I have plenty of other ‘relavent’ tips if you’d like further help to help you be ‘sucessul’ in reducing errors in your writing.


One comment on “To be sucessful in this position, you will hold relavent tertiary qualifications

  1. efangelist
    May 11, 2017

    Reblogged this on efangelist and commented:

    What sort of message do you think mistakes like these convey to your audience? I know people in business are busy these days -but these sorts of mistakes are atro-shush!

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