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Warning – Dangler Danger: Another atrocious dangler from TV news 2

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A major Australian commercial television news bulletin contained a story about a “Good Samaritan” who tried to help teenagers being robbed on a train. When the Good Samaritan tried to intervene, he was set upon by the “thugs”.


Here’s the offending sentence:

Laying on the ground, the thugs stomped on his head.

Can you see the problems?

1. It should be lying not laying. (a common mistake)

2. The “dangler” (dangling modifier) says the THUGS were the ones “laying on the ground”.

So here’s how you can correct.

1. Learn when to use Lie or Lay (it’s confusing and this post is getting long – so I’ll explain in a future  post)

2. Be careful with danglers – and be aware that a dangler (a dangling modifier*) modifies the first noun or pronoun that follows it.

Laying on the ground,     the thugs       …

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