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Writing tip for journalists and #Journalism students – from a #caremudgeon

doubleshot media

If you are a writer or journalism student or even one of those rare creatures (a journalist still working in the media) – these tips are meant to help.


I’m a  former journalist and a still a news junkie.

As I consume news – I see and hear shocking  writing mistakes.

As a young journalist I made plenty of mistakes too – and I was lucky to have great bosses and colleagues who would discreetly help me be aware of my mistakes  – and show me how to correct the mistakes.

I always appreciated their encouraging correction. Now I am one of those “news veterans”, I plan to share examples of common news mistakes I see.

What is a CARE-mudgeon?

From what I’m told by my colleagues who haven’t left the media – media organisations have culled the subs and “supervisors” who were the ones who caught…

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