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You’re probably on vacation now (as I am)   –  and you need some pampering with your reading – not hard abrasive business-related reading. How about something soft and gentle and colourful (and amusing)  – just like this ad for toilet paper? Isn’t it a classic?

Do you love vacations? – being in a different place – seeing different things!

Here’s something I saw on the street this morning – something that inspired this blog!

retro porsche

This lead to a “happy accident” that got me thinking (and blogging) about advertising and “selling” toilet tissue  – of all things.

Here’s how it happened.

executive rosche

The happy accident started off with a “dyslexic moment” ( I often mis-read words) where was replacing a toilet roll and mis-read it thinking it was specially designed by Porsche! It was actually tissue designed by Rosche.rosche

I blame the mistake on the Porsche that was still…

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