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Why this Christmas crazy time of year is a great time for sending RELEVANT social media messages

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Do you find this “Christmas crazy” time of year a strange time when it comes to work?

christmas gift

Is it worthwhile sending any business-related social media messages during this time – or is it a waste of time?

I argue that this is an excellent time of year to send messages relevant to your reader’s state of mind.

Some people will be too “crazily busy” to think of business-related social media messages – but many more will be in a zone that I call a “target-rich environment”.

TB TGA target-rich environment

This time of year (while many people ARE too busy) others are in a zone where they are “at work” – but they don’t feel like working. Many are at their desks, on their computers, but not wanting to do anything too challenging.

Many people will be scanning their social media messages this week – most probably even more regularly than…

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