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#BetterBlogWritingTips:the YIP-pie ki yay success formula for kick-ass blogging

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#BetterBlogWritingTips: YIP-pie ki yay success formula for kick-ass blogging

Yippie Ki Yay

If you want to write more exciting blogs (even business blogs that are usually so boring) I firmly recommend you use the YIP-ie kI yay formula – well the YIP part anyway!

The YIP memory device will help you make your blogs:

  1. more audience-focussed and engaging and-
  2. more human and personal and real

As you can probably tell I’m a huge Bruce Willis fan and I love those kick-ass Die Hard Movies.

I’m now a serious senior business consultant who helps organisations improve their business – but at heart I’m still a “big kid” who loves his movies and action heroes!


I try to inject some “fun” into what can be a very boring topics – of Business Writing and Business Presenting.

I love it when these senior exec I train have to say out loud YIP-ie ki kay!

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