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#BetterBlogWritingTips:Bring Boring Business Blogs to Life

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How you can write more engaging business blogs  – like Peter Bregman from the Harvard Business Review 

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If you need to turn you business information into engaging social media (blogs etc.)  YOU can learn a lot from the style of Peter Bregman.


Peter is one my writing heroes – along with people like Chris Brogan and Sam Horn.

I’ve been following and studying Peter’s style for years from when I first read his articles in the Harvard Business Review.


Now, there are lots of smart subject matter experts who write for publications such as the Harvard Business Review.

What I admire most  about Peter’s style – what makes him so special and worth studying – is his easy-to-read, human style.

Peter turns information into engaging stories. I know the idea of storytelling can sound too fluffy in the business world – yet we are “programmed” to listen to and remember stories.

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