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If you are going to bother #Blogging or #Vlogging – you must take it seriously and make it happen. Pt 1 – Tips here

doubleshot media

I you start blogging or vlogging (video blogging) – I encourage you to take it seriously.

Don’t make it something you do AFTER you’ve done all your other work.

Don’t make it something that’s a last priority you fit in around your other commitments – a “maybe” thing, if you get some time.

I often help very talented business people improve their blogging and sometimes I need to give them some “tough love”.

I can see they have writing talent and they have a lot of business wisdom they can share.

I see them start to progress – but then miss opportunities or fall behind.

Their blogging often gets pushed aside by other work commitments. I see some clients write an amazing draft blog – but by the time they post it, the event it was linked to is long gone. The chance of hooking into or “riding the wave”…

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