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Joy of new words: Twitskrieg

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Do you like making up or discovering “new” expressions to describe new phenomena?

I love reading and finding new expressions and even making some up myself. I have some witty friends who drop witticisms into conversations. I’m the sort of nerd who often writes in a notebook new expressions I read or hear or adapt.

Now this expression may already exist – but to my knowledge, I made it up today: twitzkrieg

Ramones Blitzkreig Bop

A word to describe a campaign via twitter – a twitskrieg – inspired by the German expression for “lightning war”.  Words like Blitz and Blitzkrieg were made popular a long time after WW II – with songs such as Ballroom Blitz and, of course, Blitzkrieg Bop!


There was even a corporate band event inspired by Ballroom Blitz called Boardroom Blitz.

Aaaaaaahh the fun you can have getting creative with words.  If you have found or made up any…

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