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Joy of new expressions – Linked INtroverts and Linked nINjas – those shy people on Linked IN and those who have mastered it!

doubleshot media

Have you noticed how Linked In has so many different types of people on it. Some seem very confident at trumpeting their own credentials and achievements. Others seem very shy. Almost, as if they have joined Linked In because they “feel they have to”. They don’t seem to want to be there, They don’t say much about themselves. Some don’t even put a photo of themselves in the profiles.


A friend I connected with via Linked In loves to create new words. She is a creative type working in a job that is very detail-oriented. I think she enjoys taking a break and flexing her creative muscles and making up new words.

We are currently riffing about creating fun new words to describe LinkedIn-related things that have yet to be named.

I suggested Linked INtrovert to describe those timid people on Linked In.

My friend came back with a…

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