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Don’t make this embarrassing mistake – you’ll be unprofessional and unpopuler

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We all make mistakes. Here’s a glaring writing mistake that you can learn from. I’ve made similar mistakes too – just not so blatantly and publicly.

I don’t want to embarrass the writer so I’ll describe with “vague generality”.

The positive side of being a word nerd

An advertisement for English tutors for kids proclaimed in the first few words that the tutors were POPULER tutors (rather than the correct spelling of POPULAR).

The mistake slipped through and I know of that at least one parent (a friend of mine) looked elsewhere for tutors – because of the  mistake.

I’m sure this mistake cost the writer lots of other potential work.

Yet I think I know how and why the mistake slipped through. I made similar mistakes too – until I learned from my mistake.

When YOU check your writing for mistakes – always check the headings.

We often skip over the headings.

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