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Coffee wisdom – what’s YOUR #Coffee wisdom? Always order a Mocha!

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When I catch up with friends, I take notice of what they order to drink and how they like to drink it. I often ask them for their “coffee wisdom” or tea or other beverage wisdom.

A friend recently have me this advice:

“(I) Always order a Mocha. That way, even if the coffee is bad – at least it tastes like chocolate!”

I’m not so pessimistic – but I like his logic.

TB coffee montage

What’s your coffee wisdom?

Any tips on what to order and how to order or drink it? Please share in the comments section below.

I have a another friend who ALWAYS orders his coffee in a takeaway container – even if we are sitting down in a nice cafe.

coffee takeaway

He says that he does this just in case he has to dash off to take care of some emergency.

I asked: Who are you? Batman?


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