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How you can use the “Poetry” of Political Speeches – Obama’s Normandy speech example

With Obama so prominent in the news, I’m reminded of this earlier post of one of his many great speeches. Yes I’m a speech nerd.

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Want to make your messages memorable?

Want to make your message “sound right”?

Want to sound “presidential” like a leader?

Well, we can all learn from studying techniques used by US presidents like Barack Obama.

Even if you do not agree with Obama’s politics – you can learn from his communication techniques.

obama normandy

I’m an Australian  speechwriter and presentation coach – so I admire Obama’s communication flair  –  “from afar”. I don’t have to live under his policies – yet I DO greatly respect his communication skills.

I also admire more conservative communicators like Ronald Reagan – even though I was not a fan his politics.


I respect the skills of great communicators from both sides of the political spectrum.

Anyway, I recently “studied” powerful speeches inspired by D-Day commemorations – Obama’s recent speech and Reagan’s speech from 30 years ago. Links at the end of this post.

The point of…

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