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Business and politics battle lessons from the US Civil War – Part 1

When you are battling an opponent in business or in politics you can learn valuable lessons from mistakes and victories in the US Civil War.



I’m a Civil War nerd and when I studied journalism and law in the US, it was a dream come true to visit famous places like the Gettysburg National Military Park.


Being a Civil War enthusiast helped me when I worked in politics for Bob Carr who is a much bigger Civil War nerd. His knowledge rivals many US Civil War experts.




The reason I think Civil War lessons are so valuable is that it was a war where you had 2 armies with many generals who had similar military training and similar technology and sometimes using similar tactics – unlike Vietnam where the opponents differed greatly in weapons and tactics.

When I worked for Bob Carr (when he was opposition leader of NSW), I studied and used Vietnam guerrilla war harassing hit-and-run tactics against the better resourced government in power. We tried ‘unconventional warfare’ in media communications  to change the mids of voters and the tactics eventually worked. (But I digress)


My point is, when you face a similar opponent you should try to avoid getting bogged down in a costly war of attrition. Some of the reasons why the North eventually prevailed (despite initial victories by the South) include superior transport and communications and the overall purpose as articulated by Lincoln. I’ll go into more detail in future posts.











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