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News writing – Good repetition/Bad repetition Part 1

Bard of Breaking News (Breaking Bard)

One of the greatest tips an editor taught me: don’t fear deliberately repeating words 

bolt(what’s Usain Bolt got to do with writing….read on, Macduff!)

Journalists often fear repeating words and I often see what I consider to be unnatural examples of writing caused by this fear.

Broadcast writing should be conversational – using everyday words you’d use in conversation,

I recently subbed one script where the writer tried to find other words to avoid repeating FIGHT. Most alternatives were acceptable but then the writer used melee.

Maybe you use melee in everyday conversation – but most people I know don’t – and I argue most viewers of commercial TV new don’t either.  So I changed melee to fight even though fight was used earlier in the script. In my opinion: it’s O.K. to repeat words – especially if the repeated word appears a few sentences apart on the second…

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