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Is your Dangler showing?

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It may sound a bit “naughty”  – but  dangler is a real writing term – even mentioned in the very proper and respected BBC Style Guide.

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The correct term is dangling modifier – but Dangler sounds more interesting!

BBC danglers

This is what the BBC guide says about Danglers – and I’ll include a link at the end of this post on how you can access the Style guide.

“Phrases at the beginning of a sentence need a noun or a pronoun, and they will cling to the first one that comes along.This can make a nonsense of your writing. “

The guide gives several examples. My favourite is:

After eating my lunch, the waiter engaged me in conversation.

The dangling words at the beginning of the sentence cling to the first noun or pronoun that comes along and make a nonsense.

It sounds as if the waiter ate the lunch

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