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Rebel scrum* – mindset over muscle?

Do you look forward to big sporting contests?  Especially when there is that sense of the ‘unknown?” I’m looking forward to the Wallabies v England Rugby clash – in particular what happens in that first scrum.


rebel Scrum


Even through I’m built like a back rather than a forward (i.e. I’m not a big or strong bloke) I love the rugby commentary and analysis of who wins scrums and why –  the physics and the physicality – well-timed application of force over brute strength. And discipline and focus as a game progresses and players get tired. I have great respect for the skill of the scrum.

In the lead-up to this clash, there’s lots of talk about England trying something new – unsettling techniques similar to cricket’s ‘bodyline’ clash between England and Australia back in the 1930s.  I reckon lots of fans will eagerly anticipate that first scrum to see which team dominates.

When it comes to scrums – it’s not just muscle and weight – but mindset and faith – how these big blokes move as a unit and believe in themselves and their teammates…time and time again as the scrum packs down as the game progresses…the confidence after you’ve had a few scrum ‘wins’ or the determination not to yield  if you’ve lost a few. I wil

I love talking to and learning from mates who’ve actually played in scrums. My scrum experience was limited to fleeting seasons when I was ‘big for my age’ at school before I stopped growing! I reckon there are lots of lessons for business – in building early wins and confidence and unsettling your opponents.  And not yielding after losing ground. (I will forever remember the exhilaration of when you start to push your opponents back!)


I, for one, am very interested to see what England’s coach Eddie Jones has in store for us in the big clash. And you?  What part of this clash interests you? The clash of the coaches? Curiosity about what awaits us for England’s ‘bodyline’ approach?


Of course, the Rebel Scrum* line above is a pun on  a famous  Star Wars line.

So…Go  the Wallabies…and may the skilled scrum application of force be with you!






















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