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heartI just came home from work and found this pink luggage tag from the Cancer Council to create more awareness of and to raise money for research into treating breast and gynaecological cancers.

pink luggage tag

My wife (a breakfast newsreader) supports Cancer Council Queensland and is an ambassador.

Monique Dews and Jo Hayes_Pink ambassadors

I do some work for Cancer Council Australia. I can’t claim credit for this merchandising and marketing brilliance – but I love it.

Probably because I recommended branded luggage tags as merchandise (and give-aways) to an entertainment client. I often help organisations stand out at industry expos or conventions with branded merch that people desire and use. Especially, merch that gets seen by a wider audience!

TB travel 2 shot

(the cane was only when I was recovering from a torn Achilles. I’m OK now!)

I travel a lot for work and I got the branded luggage tag idea at an airport waiting for my luggage.


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