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New word – scareotype

Don’t you love new words/expression that describe something concisely and cleverly?



x men


This word – scareotype was inspired as I was listening the ABC movie reviews this morning – as the reviewer talked about stereotypes of evil characters.


I’m lucky to be surrounded by clever, creative friends and work colleagues and even my kids who boldly create their own new words and expressions. I think my son will be proud of this expression I was inspired to create.



olivetti CU


Good expressions that catch on often:

  1. sound good -the assonance of scareo and stereo
  2. describe something briefly
  3. combine words people are familiar with – e.g. scare + stereotype.




I encourage you to  dare to create your own words. What other ‘types’ can we have in movies – romantic characters? heroes? side-kicks?


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    October 5, 2017

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