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Business Writing discipline and #Rugby defence – you gotta hold on right until the very end

This is an earlier post – yet still holds true!

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If you love rugby or writing or rugby writing (as I do) – you can learn a valuable lesson from a recent article about the Wallabies victory over Argentina in the Rugby World Cup semi-finals.

wallabies argentina

I love reading Rugby coverage and when I train business clients on how to write I often use rugby examples.

As you probably know (if you are a fan of any sport) the game/event isn’t over until the very last moment. Rugby defenders have to keep on defending right up until that last moment. You can’t lose focus 60 seconds before the end OR EVEN 5 seconds before the end.

I just read an article in Australian RugbyWALLABIES VS ARGENTINA: FIVE THINGS WE LEARNED (link included at the end of this post).

I loved the eloquence that put the victory into perspective. I quote from the last point about the Wallabies:

“They came…

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