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Fun with Flags – big #Vexillology adVenture theory

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Do you love flags?

I’ve always been fascinated by flags and I thought they were “cool” – and then I found out they are also one of the interests of the very nerdy character Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory.

fun with flags

My son laughed so hard at my flag interest when we both saw the Fun with Flags episode of The Big Bang Theory.

You see I take every chance I can to teach my two kids about flags and  country colours and maps and the world – and one of the bestest, funnest learning opportunities was the Soccer World Cup.

soccer flags

C and dad soccer final

I bought my kids soccer balls and they tell me the different flags.

soccer flags1

Also as my son and I followed the progress of different teams – I got him to “teach me” about how different flags were similar AND different.

O soccer scores 1

soccer different flags

I also get my son to be the official photographer…

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