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Joy of new words – absenteenism – when your teenagers are never home!

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A fellow “new word maker-up-erer” who has become a friend sent me a word she made up to describe here teenager who is never home – absenteenism.

My friend works in a serious business in a serious and demanding and detailed job – yet she has this creative side.

We discuss the joy and satisfaction of finding and even making up new words to describe things in our lives.

I am lucky to have lots of witty and creative friends who make up words on the spot. I’m like one of those word nerds who bothers to scribble their wit down in a notebook or type it into notes on my phone.

One friend described a poor coffee she was served:

I ordered an espresso – I call this…an unimpresso!

I like to capture and celebrate my friends’ wit!


I encourage my clever friends to keep coming up with new…

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