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#Writing tip: What speechwriters and copywriters can learn from lyric writers

Harness the power of the rhythm of words to help your message sink in. Lyric writers who write words to go with the rhythm of music have a strong advantage!

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Are you a “word person” who enjoys the words in songs as much as the music?

TB vinyl

Ever since I was a kid I used to love studying the lyrics on albums. Even now I love studying the lyrics and the use of cadence and rhythm and rhyme.

Cadence: the modulation when you speak that comes from the structure  and ordering of the words.

When I was a political speechwriter I loved crafting memorable lines. I still study the transcripts of speeches that catch my ear.

These days, when writing newsletters and brochures and sales collateral I use similar techniques I learned from studying song lyrics as a kid.

A more recent song that impresses me is Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”.


Sure it’s got a fun, funky beat. The real reason I like it is: the rhythm and rhyme of the lyrics and lines such as:

We’ve…come to far……

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