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Like to reduce your #stress? Apply the ‘red light’ technique in the office (Pt 2)

doubleshot media

Can you relate to any of these common work problems?

You are in the office and get “bad news” by e-mail of a project falling over or getting delayed. You get disappointed. You worry about lost revenue. You stress out.

You are busy working on something that’s important to you – when someone in the office interrupts you and wants to “hijack” your time for something that’s important to them. You get angry at them AND you stress out that you are losing time to do your project.

You get an unexpected task presenting task “dumped” on you at the last minute. You have to fill in and give a presentation that was supposed to be delivered by someone else – but they are sick or too busy. You get asked to give an impromptu welcome or farewell speech. You are the type of person who likes to be…

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