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Road Trip Persuasion Lessons – how to change minds

An earlier post – but still relevant tips for getting people to change their minds and “hunger” for what you offer.

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Warning: Read this when you are not hungry!

On a recent road trip I had cravings for a good, old-fashioned Australian hamburger – you know the kind with beetroot and juicy pineapple and  slightly “burned” onion!

I had my heart set on stopping at some little old-fashioned cafe and enjoying a big, juicy hamburger.

But road sign repetition and suggestion and branding changed my mind.

I’m driving from Sydney to Brisbane in the Nambucca Heads area  and see a sign for something I hadn’t heard of before – Fredo Pies.

fredo pies

I’m still keen on a hamburger – and later down the road I see another sign for Fredo famous pies – then another.

I’m starting to get hungry and I see yet another Fredo’s sign. Instead of waiting to find an old-fashioned cafe with an old-fashioned hamburger – I wonder what all the fuss is about these Fredo Pies.


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