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How to make change less threatening: Persuasion, simplification, and “normalisation” through animation

An earlier post – still vitally important lessons in persuasion. Very useful for making big business messages less intimidating through simplification. I’ve recently seen simplification used effectively in simplifying complex legal matters – not with cheesey 50’s style animation but sleek modern,simple visuals. Our primary sense is visual.

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When change can be intimidating – animation can help messages appear more “friendly” and simple.

This post was inspired by a news story I saw this weekend about Australia’s conversion from pounds to decimal currency back on the 14-th of February 1966.

decimal currrency ad

This  conversion was a big move for a country used to pounds sterling currency. It was a step into the unknown away from the familiar.

TB training group

As a “persuasion professional” I’m very interested persuasion techniques – in this case preparing people to be more accepting of change.

To help the public feel comfortable with the conversion  – the government used “cute” animation and a singing character “Dollar Bill” to help make the change appear less threatening – and more simple and understandable.

Here is a link to a government ad specially devised for that special date – the 14-th of February 1966.

I encourage you to watch the…

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