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#Media Tip:How to adapt your message – when you need to be light and chatty about more serious subjects

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Sienna Hat

A “serious” scientific client impressed me so much.

The client’s communication team had done its homework.

The comms team knew to reach the target audience, the best way was to appear on not traditional news media – but  on the growing number of shows where the news is used as discussion/chat material and even joke material for younger comedians and commentators.

Channel Ten has a younger audience and many of these types of shows such as The Project.

Others desirable programs were  the commercial channel TV morning talk shows and radio shows – not the news.

The ABC also has shows aimed at younger audiences.

My brief was to help the spokesperson be ”good talent” for these types of shows and to be more chatty and entertaining.

I’d had requests like this before and from experience, talent needs to:

  1. Tighten up the key messages (more interview…

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