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Persuasion secrets from a humane “parking cop” – changing behaviour part 1

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I just had an interesting “run-in” with the law – an experience that I am very grateful for.

parking officer

I was parked illegally and I’ll never park there again – not because of fear but because the parking officer was so cleverly persuasive.

I often work as a “persuasion professional” helping organisations change the behaviour of people, so I know the techniques behind persuasion.
I usually “hate” traffic/parking officers but this experience totally turned my behaviour around , so I’ve tried to analyse the persuasion techniques that made the difference.

If often see stories in the news about fights (verbal and physical) where people get angry with parking officers giving them tickets.

The parking officer may have just been a decent human (and father) – rather than applying some slick persuasion techniques – but this encounter worked so well in changing my behaviour and attitude and achieving the “ultimate goal”…

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