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Why you should love playing the bongos!

Bongo love

bongos 1

I love the bongos and sharing why playing the bongos is so good for you.

I play bongos in a band (when we do “unplugged” gigs), I teach bongos (specifically for people who would love to play them yet have a limited sense of rhythm), and I love sharing cool pics of and facts about the bongos.

brando bongos

Marlon Brando was a good bongos player. More recently, Matthew Mcconaughey is famous for his bongo love!

MMc Bongos 2

For me, I love the bongos for their:

  1. simplicity – just two drums – yet their
  2. complexity – you can get so many sounds from “hitting” the bongos in different places with different parts of your hand
  3. variety – you can get so many patterns and beats from varying the “conversation” between the “male” macho drum (smaller and higher  pitch ) and the “female” hembra drum (larger and lower).              …

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