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How to get your kids back into “school mode” after they’ve been on holidays – why you need to start now – Part 1

If you have school-aged kids – have you noticed how routine “goes out the window” when they are on school holidays.

My kids stay up late and get up very late the next morning. I’ve been doing the same on holidays.

Tb and O jamming

It’s been good to change our usual hours and to do different things – like jamming and creating music together and of spending lazy days at the beach. It’s all very relaxed and a welcome break from our usual busy and strictly scheduled lives during the school year.

My wise advisor (mother of 6 and grandmother of 13) Julia Tyack from Tyack Health says kids should get a break from routine. As Julia says, kids need to have a good break from school – just as adults benefit from switching off from work. She calls it time ‘out of the harness’ – time to be creative and to run free.


I’m just concerned how I’ll get my kids back into “school hours” – so I asked Julia for any tips to help my kids transition back to “normal go to bed and wake up” times.

I’ll be meeting with her for a more detailed chat for part 2 – but here are some of her initial thoughts and suggestions.

Julia says kids should be ‘gently nudged/guided’ back into the more organised and routine school year.

You should gradually start getting the kids back to their usual go to bed times and wake up times.  Rather than making the change a sudden shock – I’ll start moving sleep times and wake-up times in 15-20 minute increments. And I’ll start now a couple of weeks out from the return to school.

Julia also advised getting kids into school thinking by getting them involved in activities like buying their school supplies and labelling them etc. This helps kids ‘take ownership’ of going back to school.

C and T orange shirt


My daughter loves organising and labelling etc. My son will be harder to get excited about getting back into school mode. That’s why I’ll start early and get more tips from Julia for part 2!

If you know anyone who can benefit from this post – please share it.

Also, if you have any tips on how to get kids back into school mode and school bedtime and wake up hours – please add in the comments section.

And, I guess I better start getting myself back to waking up early too!





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