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Joy of new words – indisTWEET – an indiscreet tweet

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We all have to be careful on twitter. We can “forget where we are” – especially when we are in a rush and tweeting from our phones.

Now I know we can DM people – but it’s easy to unintentionally send more “private” tweets for others to see.
We are being indiscreet on twitter – or indisTWEET.

As you may be aware – Twitter has prompted people to make up lots of new words to describe things related to twitter and social media.

word nerd CU

I’m a word nerd who loves the creativity of people who make up new words.

Twitter has spawned so many twitter words (or TWords): TWintern, TWirting (flirting on twitter), TWagiarism (plagiarism on social media),AtTWiction (addiction to twitter), AbsTWinence (abstaining from twitter), deTWox (detoxing from twitter) to name a few.

As far as I know, I came up with the expression indisTWEET this morning after reading some…

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