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How #Obama looks so relaxed when speaking – and what you can “borrow” from his technique pt 1

An earlier post – yet still helpful. Even if you don’t like his politics – all communicators can borrow from his style!

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Ever wondered how Barack Obama looks so “natural” and relaxed when he speaks?
He doesn’t have to look down at notes. He keeps good eye contact with his audience and shares his attention around many parts of “the room” (the venue).

Obama recently spoke at my old university (The University of Queensland) during the G20 in Brisbane.

O UQ speech

I wasn’t lucky enough to win a ballot or get an invitation to be in the audience to see him speak live – but being a “Barak-ademic” and communication commentator and studying his communication techniques since 2004, I carefully studied telecasts and videos of his “Brisbane Address”.

Lots of people in the audience captured stills and video and many videos were uploaded to Youtube. I watched lots of videos shot from different angles.

Yeah, I’m a “speech nerd” – but my nerdiness can help YOU!

U Q Obama speech

I’m often asked: how does Obama speak without…

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