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#David Bowie: Dream Genie loves TV snacks!

Have you been listening to lots of David Bowie songs – since the news of his death?

As a fan, I’ve been reading lots of articles about his life and what he meant to so many people around the world.


Bowie jean

I’ve smiled at reading how his music meant so much to different people. I’ve also laughed out loud when I’ve reflected on my own youthful joy at his music and yet youthful lack of understanding of his lyrics.

Bowie’s lyrics always seemed very grown-up and salacious to me as a clean-cut conservative boy from Australia’s “Deep North” of Cairns in Far North Queensland.


Back in the 70s I didn’t know what Bowie was singing about – but I was sure it was “street” and “naughty” from some more sophisticated city in the world with dark alleys and street characters.

I’d love listening to and sometimes yelling out “Hot Tramp I Love you so” and “Wham bam, thank you maam!” Of course, none of my school friends seemed to be Hot Tramps. Maybe they were – and I never got to see it.


Anyway, one of my most laughable innocent misunderstandings was thinking his lyrics were: The Jean Genie loves TV snacks.


Or course, I later found out that they correct lyrics were loves chimney stacks. I never dared to try to find out any darker meaning behind what chimney stacks were and why they were loved. I preferred my memory of the song to be innocent – of a character enjoying being able to eat as many TV snacks as he wished.

Anyway, in my recent reading about Bowie – I was gratified to find that many other fans when they were young heard more innocent things in his lyrics.

For example: some people heard Dream Genie and even Eugene Genie


One person heard: loves chicken snacks

This helped me feel not as stupid with my loves TV snacks interpretation.


Another mis-hearing was: loves Jimmy’s stash – which sounds a bit more “street”


Anyway, my point is that while Bowie’s death has caused much sadness, for me there has also been fond memories of growing up and loving the beats and riffs of his music – even if I had no idea what his lyrics were about. I’m glad to see that I was not alone.


What about you? Did you mishear any Bowie lyrics? Did you sing along at the top of your voice  embarrassingly wrong lyrics? Please share in the comments section below.










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