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The re-energising power of “small talk” and that F word you shouldn’t say in business

doubleshot media

Do you ever have those catch-ups with friends where you leave so re-energised?

You’re in the middle of a busy, draining day – yet a catch-up clears your head and boosts your physical and mental energy levels?

Yesterday I caught up with a high school classmate who is now a very experienced and wise business person.

(I’ll ask his permission before I reveal any more about his identity.)

iggy pop no fun

Anyway, we are chatting away and he drops the F word.


He says he’s at the stage of his career where he wants to make sure he injects fun into his work.

Sure, he works hard on serious stuff – but he insists on more fun.

He urges his friends to factor in a bit of fun into their busy work schedules and to break up their routine.

An Iggy Pop song blasts in my head with tweaked lyrics –

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