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Fun, new words: Nontent

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Don’t you love it when people make up clever new words to describe new things?

I’m a word nerd who loves the creativity of people who make up new words.

word nerd CU

It’s even better when the new words are memorable because they build on and vary existing words.

Such a word I enjoyed today in an article was: nontent – content that really is not content with any value.


Anyway, there’s a link at the end of this post to the NONTENT article where the author gives proper credit to his friend who coined the expression.

I’m lucky to have lots of smart and creative friends who either make up or use new, fresh, and fun words.

I find new and fresh words often attract my attention and encourage me to want to read an article.

What do you think of new words? Please share in the comments section below. Are…

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