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How to answer questions concisely and convincingly – like Matt Burke in #Rugby Coverage

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Do you wish you could answer questions better?

Many smart and knowledgable people I know have trouble answering questions.

They say too much. They know too much. And they confuse their audience.

So what was the actual answer to the question? – people are left thinking.

I started out my professional life as a lawyer and lots of my mates are lawyers.
And lawyers and former lawyers can really struggle in giving a straight, clear and concise answer.

I know lawyers sometimes need to be “deliberately vague” with “that depends” type answers – but sometimes we all need to be clear and concise.

A clear, concise answer can make you sound confident and when you “back up” your point with some concise “evidence” – your point sounds even more convincing.

What’s this got to do with Matt Burke and the Bledisloe Cup coverage?

MB commentating

We can ALL learn from Matt Burke’s…

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