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How to get time for holiday reading – when kids keep interrupting you!

Do you love to read books when you are on holidays?


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For me, I read so much business material for work (usually off a screen) that reading good old-fashioned books is a real joy.

The challenge is to get time to read when I am keeping my kids occupied over the holidays. As soon as they see me sit down with a book, they “pounce” and interrupt! 🙂

This year I got some great advice from a wise friend, Julia Tyack from Tyack Health,  who is a mother of 6 and a grandmother of 13.

Julia’s holiday reading technique involves parallel activities as she shared in an earlier post about how parents can do what they want AND keep their kids happily occupied. You involve the children in your activity.

Here’s our brief chat about getting time for reading:

Tony: What’s a parallel activity?

Julia: An example is if you want to read – designate reading time (story time) where you do your reading and the kids do their reading. You do things in parallel with your kids doing the same type of activity.

A different technique I used was picking books that interested both me and my children.

When my kids were around 8 to 10, we would often pick books that we both enjoyed. I was interested in Australian explorers so I’d read the books about explorers out to my kids. We’d get out a book about the great seafarers and I’d start reading and we’d read the whole book. I guess they were great stories that kept us all interested!

So I got to read something I enjoyed AND the kids were entertained. Every family is different – but this worked for us. It’s about planning and understanding what interests kids.

It was said of author C.S Lewis that he never forgot what it was like to be a child. His books appeal to grown ups AND kids. One Christmas holidays I got to read the whole series right through – reading the books out loud to my kids of course!

Tony: I often get up early or stay up late to make time to read books. I’ll have to try the “story time” technique to get in another hour or half an hour during the day when the kids are awake!

Julia: You can also get the kids to listen to audio books while you read. It’s still a “story time” parallel activity.

Also, It’s important to understand that children probably will interrupt you – but you reduce the chances of interruption if you get them involved doing their parallel reading or listening to audio stories.


I hope these tips from Julia help YOU squeeze in some holiday reading.

If you have any tips, please add them to the comments section. Also, if you have any family or friends who can benefit from this post, please pass it on to them. Thanks and happy, uninterrupted holiday reading!






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