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A timely Christmas warning for you – instructions about keeping your instructions

In the lead-up to Christmas, I just gave my wife very specific instructions (very brave of me) – don’t throw out any instructions that come with Christmas presents!


christmas retro


I’m very aware – from experience of Christmases past – that important instructions can easily be thrown out with all the other paper – wrapping paper etc.


Some people (like me) like to keep instructions for future reference – other people just see instructions as paper mess.


Am I a bit “anal”? Yes, guilty as charged!


I recently had some important instructions out of the table  for me to take to the hardware store to get a replacement part.

Yes, my wife thought the instructions were just bit of clutter to be thrown out – and they were thrown out!

I learned my lesson and I won’t leave instructions lying around – even if I plan to use them soon after I take them out! (On reflection, I think my wife threw out the instructions on purpose to teach me a lesson about leaving paper around.)


So, some instructions for you if you are the kind of person who likes to keep instructions.

I’m taking about instructions to things like appliances and tools and technology. I know you can often access instruction manuals on the internet. I just like to have the paper instructions for easy access.

  1. Be aware that Christmas is a “dangerous time” for losing instructions – instructions often get thrown out along with other paper waste. There’s so much going on
  2. Instruct people (including kids)  not to throw out instructions
  3.  Best of all, have an instruction folder where you promptly put any instructions into instead of getting them mixed up with other paper waste.

I’ll let you know how my instruction-saving plan goes this year.


If you have any tips, please add to the comments below. I know some people make copies of instructions, just in case they lose the original.  🙂



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