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Holiday reading: How to connect on #LinkedIn using LWIW

My good friend Bono told me name that  dropping was bad form.

Or was it my good friend Bryan Ferry who told me.?


I don’t actually know Bono – but as you can see I have met Bryan Ferry –  briefly – long enough for a quick pic.  Many of my friends and business contacts (of a certain vintage) are impressed that I have a photo with Bryan.


The reason I share the photo is that I’ve noticed on LinkedIn that many people use profile shots of themselves with “more famous” people. I’ve tried to not reveal names – but to illustrate my point with these examples.

Exhibit A:



Exhibit B:

LWIM 1.jpg


I must say that I wanted to connect with this next fellow (Exhibit C) – and all  because  his profile pic got my attention. I too am a fan of rugby union. The LWIW (Look Who I’m With) technique “worked” in getting my attention and giving me extra reason to want to connect.




I’m not saying the LWIW technique is “right” or “proper” or even appropriate for LinkedIn.

I’m just saying that it can establish common interests beyond “professional” interests. I know LinkedIn is supposed to be formal and with “buttoned-down, business suit seriousness”.

Still, I personally like professional people who dare to be different from the rest of the pack.

People often react differently. I’d love to know your thoughts about the LWIW (Look Who I’m With) profile pic style.

I hope the fellow in the rugby pic above accepts my LI invitation I sent him. Maybe my invitation and profile pic will not stand out in the LinkedIn sea of suits and ties! What would my good friends Bryan and Bono do?


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